About Us

RAINPLUS irrigation center was established in 2004 in order to provide engineering services in the fields of project, application and consultancy. Since the day of its establishment, it has closely monitored irrigation technologies in the world, acted on the principles of effective planning and sustainability in irrigation system solutions and implemented hundreds of institutional and private projects in and outside Turkey. Our Mission is to plan water resource management in the most effective manner due to the ever growing scarcity of water resources.

For this purpose, project based know-how agreements were made in 2006 with UEE Design, which focuses on ecological landscape planning in its projects and applications and in 2013 with Empire Landscape based in California, a pioneer in innovative landscape irrigation technologies. As a consequence of this cooperation, the company installed Turkey’s first domestic remote irrigation automation management system in 2008 in “Akıllı Park” (“Smart Park”), one of the most challenging city square projects in Turkey, which has also received the Prime Ministry’s Jury Special First Place Award. Rainplus operates in Turkey and Macedonia and has identified the Community of Independent States, Middle East and North African countries as target markets.
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