Periodic Check-Up
Degradation and Wear in Time
Materials used in garden irrigation systems degrade in time due to corrosion above and below the soil, cracking, heating, and U.V. rays from the sun, becoming incapable of performing their functions. They need to be inspected periodically and degraded parts must be replaced.
Changes in Landscape and Plant Forms
As the roots of certain plants grow, their watering requirements change and they no longer need daily or weekly irrigation. In such cases, automatic irrigation arrangements must be modified. Otherwise plant roots may decay due to excessive watering.
Technical Malfunctions That Are Hard To Identify
It is very hard to understand at a glance whether all the components from the water tank to the watering nozzles are operating at full efficiency. A problem in any one of the parts may result in unequal watering of plants or excessive watering of a certain area.
Significant Savings in Plant Costs and Water Bills
With a perfect irrigation system, plants will not be watered more or less than necessary and they will acquire their perfect form. This in turn eliminates the need to renew plants and results in significant savings in water.
Inspection of Irrigation Nozzles and Dripping Lines
Irrigation nozzles are inspected for optimum placement in the field and their irrigation capacity, angle adjustment, filter cleanness and integrity, placement of drippers, suitability for watering requirements of plants, above-ground connections.
Inspection of Control Equipment, Solenoid Valves and Sensors
Communication between the timer and valves (cable, GPS, Wi-Fi, RJ45 etc.), battery, solenoid coil, sensor connections, program settings and all the parts comprising the automation system are inspected.
Inspection of the Tank and the Hydrophore
The tank is inspected for its volume and adequacy for the garden, its state, and its water gage; the hydrophore is inspected for suction and water output, filters, suitability of capacity for the irrigation system, flow rate and pressure adequacy.
Inspection for Adequacy for Landscape/Plants
The irrigation system is inspected for suitability for the plants in the garden, any plants that are watered more or less than necessary are identified and reported.
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